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Advertising generates sales through increasing awareness

  • Advertising presents persuasive arguments for product purchase
  • Advertising helps to differentiate brands
  • “proof of pudding” is in sales results
  • Advertising works when the desired communication effect is achieved, and this must always include creating brand awareness and a positive brand attitude, which can lead to an increase in sales.
  • Advertising deals indirectly with potential action (purchase), on the part of someone by providing information or creating feelings that turn them towards the product or service advertised.
  • Advertising is not asking the consumer to go buy the service or product, but is helping to create a positive feeling and attitude for the brand. This positive brand attitude is what will lead to purchase.
  • At the same time, the other components in the marketing mix, mediated by competitive activity in the market place, will all contribute to the likelihood of someone actually banking with Bar clays after seeing the advertising.
  • Advertising for a brand plays a part, but it is very important, often a critical part.
  • All advertising has the ability to stimulate four communication effects:
  1. Need for category: Before any purchase decision is made, there must be at least some interest in the product category
  2. Brand Awareness – you must be able to identify a brand before purchasing it. Two types of brand awareness. Recognition and recall. With recognition at the point of purchase, and recall you must think of the brand on your own prior to purchase
  3. Brand Attitude: For purchase to occur, you must have a favourable attitude towards the brand.
  4. Brand purchase intention – refers to as “I think I’d like to try that”, or “I’ll but that”, and these follow from favourable brand attitude.